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Before booking your venue, make sure you’re clear on what is and isn’t allowed on the premises. Otherwise, you may be surprised to realize that venue rules make it impossible to realize your dream wedding vision.

Glitter, Confetti, Rice, or Other Small Tossed Items

While you may want a dramatic exit or glittery decor, these items create a lot of mess at the venue and can be very difficult to clean up completely after the event is over. For this reason, venue rules often ban them from the premises. Get a little creative with your exit to avoid this issue.

Candles or Anything With Open Flames

Candles and lanterns or other items with open flames are a fire hazard. However, you can get around this by using battery-operated LED candles instead. Same look, and a lot less risk.

Hanging Items on the Walls or Ceilings

Double-check before you make any decor plans. Some venues may only allow free-standing decor or have limits on what you can use to attach decorations to the wall. For example, venue rules may only allow the use of Command strips and not tacks, tape, or nails. Sometimes, guests aren’t even allowed to move any existing decor or furniture. One solution is to create a freestanding wedding backdrop you can place in front of any item that doesn’t fit with your other decor. Use this as a backdrop for selfies, the sweetheart table the couple sits at, or the wedding cake.

BYOB or Alcohol Wedding Favors

For insurance reasons, some vendors require all alcohol to be provided and served by a licensed bartender. When people bring their own alcohol (or get provided it in the form of wedding favors), it’s harder for the bartenders and the venue to monitor consumption and make sure people aren’t overindulging. It really is a safety issue for all involved. In some cases, the venue will allow you to have your own supplier deliver directly to the venue for the bartender to serve.

Early Set-Up or Deliveries

Depending on the number of events and the amount of storage space available, the venue rules may not allow for people to have items delivered in advance of set up or for decorating much in advance of the event. Check with the venue for their delivery and set up policies.

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