A sign saying welcome to our wedding on an easel with a pumpkin and other fall decor beneath it.

Almost everyone always carries a phone. They spend a lot of time taking pictures and making social media posts from wherever they are. This might include your wedding. While planning your wedding, decide whether to have an unplugged wedding. You could also allow people to take photos and post at will. Each choice has its own benefits and considerations. Whatever you do, be sure to publicize it in multiple places to make sure everyone gets the message.

Pro: No “Unofficial” Photographers Blocking the Official Photographer and Videographer

You’re paying a lot of money for an official photographer (and videographer) to document your wedding. You don’t want pictures ruined because someone blocks the photographer trying to get their perfect shot. Make the photographer the bad guy if you want to minimize drama. Say that he or she requests nobody else take photos during the ceremony.

Con: You May Miss Out on Great Amateur Shots With an Unplugged Wedding

Friends and family members may catch some great candid shots that the official photographer misses. If you don’t opt for an unplugged wedding, have a special hashtag. Everyone can use the hashtag to make it easier to share pictures with each other. Another option is getting an app that allows everyone to share within the group. If choosing this method, tell people about the hashtag or app early. Then guests can use it for the pre-wedding festivities and all the photos will be available at the same location.

Pro: People Will Be  Paying Attention to the Wedding Instead of Messing With Their Phones

If you ask people to silence and put away their phones, their attention will be more on your wedding. They won’t be busy checking social media or posting their pictures. It will also encourage guests to interact at the reception.

Con: Some Guests Won’t Be Happy and Won’t Comply

No matter how many signs you post or announcements you make, people may still take pictures. Likewise, no matter how you explain your reasons, some people may be unhappy and complain. If you want people to comply, you may need to have a phone check at the ceremony entrance.

Pro: Pictures You Don’t Approve Won’t Show Up Online

Sometimes people post pictures that are unflattering or post their photos before you post yours. If you prefer that only photos you approve of wind up on social media, opt for an unplugged wedding.

Con: People Not At the Wedding Won’t Get to See Photos and Videos in Real-Time

Some family members and friends may be ill or unable to travel to the wedding. They might appreciate access to real-time photos and/or videos. This makes them feel like they’re still a part of your special day.

Potential Compromises

Make the ceremony unplugged and the reception not unplugged to help limit this risk and keep guests happier. Another way is requesting people not to post their pictures on social media until you can post your official photos.

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