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Unless everyone insists on bar hopping and having strippers, there are better ideas for planning the perfect bachelor party. The bride, the groom, or the guests may not enjoy the whole stripper and bar idea. Think outside the box.

Start By Asking the Groom

First, talk to the groom. Figure out who he wants to invite to the bachelor party. Ask if he has any set ideas about what he wants to do. Go to the groom with some suggestions. Make sure the groom is realistic. Don’t expect many broke friends to take a week-long trip out of the country. The best parties are around 10 people, which means inviting only 12-15 people.

Consider a Road Trip

A road trip is fun if the guests can afford a multiple-day party. Some ideas include Montreal, Toronto, or New Orleans.

Think About a Camping Trip

Camping is another option if it’s something the guys involved enjoy. Spend one day of the trip fishing, hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, or plain old swimming. If you aren’t a fan of tents, consider renting RVs or, even better, a cabin.

Consider a Cruise

If the guys aren’t into camping and want a short trip, consider going on a cruise. With a cruise, food is taken care of. Everyone can choose from a variety of activities. For a one-day party, rent a sailboat or yacht for some water fun.

Don’t Rule Out a Guy’s Night In

Depending on the crowd, spending a night at home with just the guys is the perfect bachelor party idea. Play video games or host a movie marathon or poker night. After the wedding, it will be harder for the groom to take part in these activities. Have a murder mystery night or just watch the big game on TV with plenty of munchies.

Buy Tickets for an Upcoming Event

Consider the things the groom enjoys doing. Go to a theme park, attend a concert, go to a ball game, or try an escape room.

Indulge in a Favorite Activity

If the groom loves golf, paintball, 4-wheeling, bowling, or race cars, include this activity in the bachelor party. In the winter, skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling make good choices.

Check Something Off the Groom’s Bucket List

Most people have a list, at least in their heads, of things they’d love to do but haven’t done yet. Maybe they want to go bungee jumping, skydiving or rock climbing or climb a local mountain. Choose something on the groom’s bucket list as the main bachelor party activity.

Consider Something With a Limited Amount of Alcohol

The best party doesn’t include having everyone get drunk and feel awful the next morning. Consider an alcohol-related activity that doesn’t involve overindulging. Tour a brewery, go wine tasting, taste a mix of craft beers, or check out a whiskey tasting event.

Attend a Class

Arrange for everyone to attend a class to learn a fun skill. This could be anything from archery to beer making or woodworking. Meat lovers may want to take a butchery class, which often involves taking home plenty of meat to eat later.

Last Advice for Planning a Bachelor Party

If the party involves multiple activities, allow people to choose what they do. Don’t expect everyone to attend everything. Also, include expected costs for the various events when inviting people. They need to know how much they must spend if they accept the invitation.

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