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You need not offer activities at your wedding besides the typical grand entrance, food, and dancing. In fact, some couples don’t even take part in these reception events. However, including reception activities on your special day gives guests a more memorable event.

Icebreaker Games

Yes, these games are sometimes cheesy but done right, they’re lots of fun. Some people play a wedding version of Mad Libs or a version of bingo based on wedding guests. Other options include two truths and a lie, trivia about the couple, or I Spy. Some couples use icebreaker questions (which may or may not relate to the wedding theme) placed on the tables. Others provide booklets to answer questions for the happy couple. They may ask guests to leave a message for them to read on the anniversary that matches the table number. Another choice for reception activities is to have guests go on a wedding photo scavenger hunt. Ask them to post the pictures on social media so everyone can enjoy them.

Dance Lessons

Instead of just having guests dance to music played by a DJ, hire a dance instructor to teach a lesson. The dance lesson should last about 10 minutes. This works well if you want the reception to feature music that not everyone knows how to dance to.

Not-So-Typical Guest Books

These days, guest books are often anything but books. You can have guests sign puzzle pieces, custom works of art, Jenga blocks, or the mat around a photo. Some couples ask guests for advice on married life or suggestions for date nights or even their bucket lists.

Hire Entertainment

Another alternative to the traditional band or DJ is to stage a dueling pianos event. The show can be interactive. Guests often take part and have a blast. Other options include caricatures, having a company bring in video games for guests to play, or a comedian.

Photo Booth

One of the current trends is for people to use a photo booth as one of their reception activities. This is fun for adults and kids alike. Both the people using the photo booth and the couple will get copies of the photos taken. This is a great addition to the staged photos taken by the official photographer.

You could set up a camera and props so people can take their own pictures. Or ask people to write advice on a chalkboard and take their pictures.

Offer Board Games

Not everyone likes to dance. Offer board games so those who’d rather play a game can do so. Place a board game on each table as the centerpiece for a game-themed wedding. A puzzle for guests to put together can serve as one of the wedding reception activities. There’s a wedding version of Cards Against Humanity called Cads About Matrimony. This could be fun for many guests as it keeps the humor PG-13.

Use an Interactive Centerpiece

Consider having some type of interactive centerpiece. For example, with a Lego-themed wedding, have a bowl of legos with a sign telling people to build their own centerpiece. A board game-themed wedding might have a different board game at the center of each table.

Play Outdoor Games

If you’re having an outdoor reception, you can get oversized outdoor versions of games. Play these as part of your reception activities. These include Jenga, Tic Tac Toe, checkers, Scrabble, and connect four. Include other lawn games, such as corn hole, horseshoes, croquet, ladder toss, sack races, and ring toss.

Use a Kissing Menu

Having people clink their glasses to get the newly married couple to kiss is boring. Use a kissing menu so guests need to earn the newlywed kiss. This might involve sharing a funny story, answering a trivia question, or singing a song. Make them do a dance or take a mystery shot.

Consider Group Games

If you want to get everyone involved in a game, you can. Play the game where you read statements and tell them to stand up if a statement applies to them. The shoe game is another alternative. The couple getting married each trade one shoe and then sit back to back. Someone reads a question. Then each person holds up the shoe of the person to whom they think it best applies.


Offer a DIY activity for the guests. Guests can create their own mix of confetti for the send-off or make a wedding favor to take home. Another alternative is a food bar, such as DIY s’mores or an ice cream sundae station.

Food Trucks for a Late-Night Snack

Use food trucks as the main food provider at a wedding and they can slow down the whole eating process. However, they make a great addition for guests who enjoy a late-night snack. Consider ice cream trucks or other dessert trucks to give guests extra energy hours after dinner.

A Fabulous Send-Off

End the night with a send-off that gets everyone involved. This could be confetti, paper airplanes, flower petals, glitter, or whatever suits the couple and the venue rules.

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