A table set up at The 228 with a mostly rectangular chunk of wood with the couple's monogram to be signed like a guest book with white markers

Traditionally, wedding guests sign a guest book as they enter the wedding. This book serves as a keepsake of the occasion for the newly married couple. However, how many people enjoy looking through these books full of signatures later? These days, many couples opt for one of the more useful or displayable guest book alternatives. See below for ideas to help you figure out your ideal alternative to the traditional guest book.

Guest Book Alternatives for Display

People choose different guest book alternatives they can display in their home after the wedding. Have people sign stained glass art or little wooden leaves or hearts that go into a shadow box frame. People may sign a mat surrounding a picture of the happy couple or a record of their favorite song. Sign a globe (with people signing near destinations they recommend the couple travel to) or a favorite musical instrument. Some couples ask guests to sign something related to a favorite sport. This could be vintage skis, a baseball bat, a surfboard, a paddle, a basketball, a jersey, or motorcycle helmets. Couples may want people to sign a custom quilt. Have people use colored ink to make their fingerprints on a tree poster and sign next to their “leaf”. Guests could also sign smooth wishing stones to display in a bowl. For a less messy tree, buy a wire tree and have guests hang messages on ribbons from the branches.

Useful Guest Book Alternatives

Instead of having people sign a book, some couples opt for a more useful record of their guests. Ask guests to write their birthdays and anniversaries into a calendar so you know these important dates. Have guests fill out an entry in an address book so you know how to reach them. Couples can ask guests to sign puzzle pieces or Jenga pieces to remember their wedding every time they play.

Advice and Suggestions Instead of a Guest Book

Some people ask guests to give them their best advice for living as a married couple. Other advice-based guest book options include suggestions for date nights, children’s names, or their bucket lists. For some first-anniversary fun, deposit these slips of paper into a pinata for the couple to break open. Prolong the fun and put separate containers on each table. Note that the couple plans to open the box on the anniversary corresponding to that table number. If these ideas don’t appeal, ask guests to write about their favorite memories of the couple.

Other Fun Guest Book Alternatives

Have everyone take a Polaroid of themselves and sign it instead of a guest book. Put out your favorite book, the Bible, or the dictionary. Ask people to circle their favorite quote (or word in the dictionary) and sign their names. Creative couples may set up a scrapbook template. People can add Polaroid photos or notes on the different papers you offer. Techie couples can have guests record their messages with a webcam onto a video guest book. Wedding Mad Libs-style cards can also result in some fun reading for the newly married couple after the reception.

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