Wedding guests outside at The 228 throwing confetti in the air

After the wedding, people typically have some type of wedding send-off for the newly married couple. Rice used to be the most common, but most couples are opting for something more creative these days (and less likely to harm the birds). Keep reading for ideas that may be the perfect wedding send-off for you.

Make It Colorful

People throw confetti, sprinkles, or nonpareils for a fun and colorful wedding send-off. Ask what the venue allows before making plans. For those having a beach wedding, throwing mini beach balls can entertain kids and serve as a wedding send-off. People can line up with colorful balloons, though releasing these isn’t good for the wildlife that could end up finding the remains of the balloons.

Add Sparkle

If the couple loves sparkle, check to see if the venue allows send-offs using sequins or glitter. It’s glamorous but more difficult to clean after the grand exit.

Light Up The Night

For nighttime receptions, something that provides light makes for a good send-off. This is why lantern releases and glow sticks became popular options. 

Limit the Mess

Some venues don’t allow people to throw anything they’d have to clean up later, so consider using ribbon wands, bubbles, lightsabers, pompoms, or bells for the wedding send-off. Those in the military sometimes use swords or sabers. Have guests wave little flags with a cheerful saying. Simple musical instruments, such as maracas or tambourines, make for a noisy exit for those with the right theme.

Look to Nature

Throwing fall leaves or birdseed can be another choice for an outdoor fall wedding. Lavender, herbs, flower petals, or wildflowers thrown outdoors can be a beautiful way to send the couple on their way during the spring and summer months. In the winter, couples even allow people to throw snow at them as they leave the reception!

And More Off-Beat Wedding Send-Off Alternatives

Throw paper planes for a travel-themed wedding. Get corny with a spirit fingers exit, or dramatic with a smoke bomb exit. Feathers can be easier to clean up than smaller options, such as glitter or confetti. Popcorn, soft mini pompoms, palm-leaf fans, handkerchiefs, and butterflies can be suitable for wedding send-offs.

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