Table set with blue table cloths, white napkins and plates with a lantern centerpiece. Yellow bouquet is laying on the table next to the plate.

Although many centerpieces include flowers, you don’t have to have floral centerpieces at your wedding. Non-floral centerpieces may save money, depending on what you choose. Flowers often make up a significant part of the wedding budget. It’s hard to DIY floral centerpieces, as you need to make them at the last minute. DIY centerpieces can work if they don’t include fresh flowers. Here are a few non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas to get you started.


Fill large balloons with helium and anchor them to the table with weights for whimsical non-floral wedding centerpieces. Hang streamers or tassels from the balloon’s string to add more visual impact. For more of a statement, use a mesh net and a basket to form hot air balloons. Match the balloons with your wedding colors.

Bird Cages

People use colorful bird cages with something inside for centerpieces. This is more expensive than other non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas. However, it can add interest to the table.


Use a lantern in the center of each table to form a centerpiece. These vintage lanterns can contain candles to help light the table during evening receptions.

Vintage China

Ask relatives or scour antique shops for vintage china you can use to create non-floral wedding centerpieces. Stack teacups and saucers. To make sure nothing breaks, you could glue them together. This only works if you need not return them to relatives and don’t plan to use them again.

Wine Bottles or Vases

These can contain branches, wheat, giant palm leaves, or candles. You can decorate them with tulle, paint, or even glitter to match your wedding decor. Consider painting the bottles a solid color and then painting on the table numbers. If the branches themselves aren’t colorful enough, glue small hearts in your wedding colors onto the branches. Another choice is stringing the branches with fairy lights.


Another common part of floral and non-floral centerpieces is candles of all sizes and shapes. If you’re skipping the flowers, pair them with pine branches or garlands for a winter wedding. Otherwise, put them in a variety of different containers to form a display. People float them in containers filled with water and glass beads for even more added interest. Others use fancy candelabras for a greater impact.


A stack of vintage books wrapped up in a ribbon can serve as a non-floral wedding centerpiece. This works especially well if your wedding has a literary theme. You can use them to give more height to another element of your centerpiece or the table number.


Fill a bowl with fresh fruit or carve holes into fruits or vegetables to turn them into candle holders. Paint paper mache versions of fruits or vegetables your wedding colors to form an eye-catching non-floral centerpiece. You can paint small gourds and use them to form a display in the center of each table. Choose fruits or vegetables that suit the season and the color scheme of your wedding, such as apples in the fall, citrus in the summer, pumpkins or cornucopias in the fall, or red berries in the winter.

Potted Greenery

Put pots of herbs, succulents, or other greenery in the center of the table as a focal point. You can even use the pots as wedding favors if you include one for each guest at the table.


Put large feathers in a vase to form a 1920s-style centerpiece. Dip smaller feathers into colorful dye or paint and use them to form a display.

String Shapes

Couples handy with DIY projects can make string shapes for the center of the table. Use a mix of glue and water and dip in colorful yarn. Use the yarn to wrap around a balloon and then pop the balloon once the string dries.

Paper Pom Poms

Use those paper pom-poms that come flat that turn them into balls by connecting the two sides together. Pile up different sizes and colors to form a centerpiece or string them together as a table runner.


Make or buy streamers in your wedding colors, Display them in attractive containers for a simple yet colorful display.


For a whimsical non-floral centerpiece, consider using pinwheels. Pinwheels are especially attractive if you’re having an outdoor wedding reception because the breeze will keep them moving. You can make them yourself using fancy paper in your wedding colors.

Paper Flowers

If you enjoy flowers, you can make your own paper flower to use in your wedding centerpieces. This can be cheaper than purchasing fake flowers from a craft store.


For a beach-theme wedding, shells, coral, and driftwood can serve as non-floral wedding centerpieces. For a touch of glamour, spray paint shells with metallic paint. You can even put candles in shells to add more light to the table. Some couples use glass containers filled with sand or small shells. Add candles and then surround these with other shells or beach items to form a cohesive display.

Fall Foliage

For a fall wedding, create non-floral centerpieces out of fall foliage, such as branches with colorful leaves. Use fake ones if the real ones are past their prime or you’re worried about leaves falling in people’s food.

Winter Cotton

Cotton on branches stuck in a beautiful container can serve as a centerpiece. Craft stores sometimes have fake versions if you can’t find the real thing.


For a winter wedding near the holidays, use glass containers filled with ornaments in your wedding colors as centerpieces. Complete the look with pinecones, berries, or holly. After the wedding, add the ornaments to your tree each year to remind you of your wedding day.


Some couples even place containers containing fish in the center of each table for a more unusual centerpiece. This type of centerpiece isn’t suitable for every theme, but it will definitely get the conversation started.


Create terrariums that suit your wedding theme and use them in the center of each table at the reception. These can be fun to create as you add your own personal touches to make them reflect your personality, likes, and dislikes.


The main item in the non-floral wedding centerpiece might be photos of the happy couple. Use pictures of the couple at the same age as the table number. Put them on a vase holding a candle, or in front or on top of a stack of books.

Dessert Items

If you’re not serving wedding cake, a dessert display in the center of the table does double duty. It acts as a centerpiece and a convenient way for guests to get their after-dinner sweet fix. Arrange mini wedding cakes, donuts, cookies, or any treat you enjoy in an attractive display. Use lollipops or candies that match your wedding colors if you don’t want baked goods. Fill a clear glass bowl with colorful candies and include a scoop to help people serve themselves.

Wedding Favors

Create a non-floral wedding centerpiece by stacking up the favors for the people at the table. This is easy if they’re wrapped in cute little boxes.

Theme-Related Centerpieces

If you’ve got a theme, use related items as part of a non-floral wedding centerpiece. For example, a Game of Thrones wedding centerpiece might be a birdcage or bowl with dragon eggs in it. For a superhero centerpiece, use an action figure with a framed page from a comic book. Rolled sheet music in a vase works for a music-themed wedding. For a Lego theme, make the centerpiece out of Legos. You could include a glass bowl filled with Legos and a sign that says to build your own centerpiece.

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