Dessert table at The 228 with a small 1-tier wedding cake along with cupcakes arranged in and on top of boxes on top of pink cloth napkins.

Do you hate spending a large part of your wedding budget on a traditional wedding cake? Do you not even like cake? Then you might offer one of these non-traditional wedding cake alternatives instead. This is becoming more common at weddings. Some people have no traditional wedding cake at all, while others have just a small tier for the traditional cake cutting and offer an alternative dessert for their guests.

Different Varieties of Cakes

Some people prefer cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, rum cake, ice cream cake, bundt cake, pound cake, or angel food cake, and use one of these cakes to form a wedding cake shape. Another option is a traditional cake from another country or region, such as a kransekake from Norwegian and Danish tradition, an Italian millefoglie with mixed berries, a New Orleans king cake, or a croquembouche from France.

Smaller Cakes

Make serving easier and waste less likely by serving smaller versions of cakes, such as cupcakes, cake pops, cake shooters, push pop cakes, petit fours, or mason jar cakes that can also serve as wedding favors. Some people serve one small cake per table, perhaps with each table getting a different flavor to encourage mingling among the guests.

Breakfast Wedding Cake Alternatives

If you’re more of a fan of pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls, or crepes, have these stacked to look like a wedding cake instead of a traditional wedding cake. Use syrup, frosting, whipped cream, or fruit jam between the layers to add flavor. This makes a good option for those with a morning wedding having a brunch reception.

Cookie-Based Wedding Cake Alternatives

While some people use giant cookies, others use cake stands and stack cookies in various ways to look more like a traditional cake. Choose any cookie you like, from Oreos to chocolate chip cookies to French macarons or meringues. Whoopie pies and biscotti are among the other alternatives. Some couples opt for a cookie bar so they don’t have to choose just one type. Whatever you choose, consider serving milk on the side for a traditional pairing.

Bar-Based Wedding Cakes

Make rice crispy treats, brownies, blondies, and other types of bars large like a cake tier to slice or serve them sliced into individual servings and stacked into tiers.

Pie and Tarts as an Alternative Wedding Cake

Individual mini pies or larger pies make good alternatives to a wedding cake for pie fans. Choose one flavor or a variety to give your guests a choice. Some people even use mini pie pops or pies in jars. Mini fruit tarts can also be a hit.

Other Types of Pastries

The sky’s the limit when choosing wedding cake alternatives. People use many different pastries, including churros, doughnuts, eclairs, and cannoli.

Consider Candy

While it doesn’t stack well into a cake shape, some couples opt for candy as a wedding cake alternative. This could mean a candy bar with lots of options, lollipops, or cotton candy. A s’mores bar can also be a tasty option. You can stack all-shaped candies, such as truffles, to look like cake.

Ice Cream Wedding Cake Alternatives

If you love ice cream, consider having an ice cream bar, individual mini ice cream cones, ice cream treats, or popsicles instead of a traditional wedding cake.

Go Savory

Those who aren’t a fan of sweets sometimes use savory foods. Couples have cut into pizza cakes, “cakes” made out of rounds of cheese, meat pies, and other savory foods.

Other Wedding Cake Alternatives

People have used many things for wedding cake alternatives, including fancy sliced or molded gelatin, concession and carnival treats, candied or caramel apples, fondue, fruit salad cups, and flan. Smoothies, milkshakes, popcorn, pudding, mousse, and poached pears also make an appearance from time to time. Those who truly can’t decide on a dessert provide dessert bars with multiple options for their guests.

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