A black Mr & Mrs cake topper sitting on two cupcakes on a plate, one vanilla and one chocolate.

Couples often have a wedding cake topper. Traditionally, this was a small figurine representing the pair. However, these days many more options for wedding cake toppers exist. This means you can get a topper that suits your personality, wedding theme, and wedding colors.

Go Topless

There’s always the choice of not having a cake topper. Sometimes the cake makes enough of a statement on its own. Adding the topper might detract from the design and beauty of the cake. There’s no reason you can’t skip a traditional cake topper.

Focus on Flowers

Topping your wedding cake with flowers provides another simple solution for those who prefer understated beauty. This way, the cake of the top isn’t bare. Match the flowers on the cake or in the decor.

Use Monograms or Letters

In another popular trend, couples use the first letter of their last name or their first initials connected by a “&” or a “+” symbol. The letters making up these wedding cake toppers can be minimalistic. They might consist of twisted wire or be very ornate with lots of glitter and bling.

Stick With Tradition

Some couples still prefer traditional figurines for their wedding cake toppers. They may choose more modernized versions consisting of outlines, silhouettes, or shapes instead of figurines with detailed features.

Consider the Theme

If the wedding has a theme, couples can choose a wedding cake topper that relates. For example, with a Lego theme, the figurines of the pair would be lego mini-figures. Those with a 50s theme might have their figurines dressed in iconic outfits to match the theme.

Make a Statement

Another trendy choice is to make a statement with the topper by using a phrase. Options include “Finally”, “The Best Is Yet to Come”, or “To The Moon And Back.” Sometimes, the statement relates back to the wedding’s theme. It could be a memorable phrase used by the characters in a book or movie.

Carve It In Wood

A carved wooden wedding cake topper might be just the thing. Some people have their names and wedding date carved into a wooden heart or two wooden doves. Others opt for a wooden silhouette or a simple “Mr. & Mrs.” carved into wooden circles.

Use Representative Wedding Cake Toppers

Couples who don’t want the actual people-shaped toppers can use figurines of animals to represent themselves. Some couples use the outlines of the states they are from with their initials inside. Choose a topper that’s meaningful to you and that guests would associate with you. Examples include a favorite animal or something associated with a favorite hobby, such as puzzle pieces.

Go For the Laugh

You can use a humorous cake topper, such as one person dragging the other to the altar. This might give the wrong impression to some guests, however, so keep this in mind.

Consider Using Something Old

Sometimes people save their cake toppers, so check to see if your parents or other loved ones did so and consider using their topper to add an extra element of tradition to the wedding

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