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Brides want to appear their best on their wedding day. This isn’t surprising since this day is immortalized in tons of photos. Not having the perfect hair and makeup won’t ruin the wedding. But the bride may look back on the wedding with regret if she’s unhappy with how she looked. It could impact her happiness on her special day. Take a few things into account to make the decision on whether to hire a professional for wedding hair and makeup easier.

A Professional Is More Experienced

A professional has more experience than the average woman in fixing hair and applying makeup. They have the skills to achieve many looks that can be challenging for a layperson. You can get that look you always dreamed of for your wedding but could never master yourself.

A Professional Has High-Quality Supplies

Use the highest quality supplies to achieve the perfect long-lasting wedding hair and makeup. Inexpensive tools and makeup might not have the same lasting power. You don’t want your makeup to disappear during your wedding day or your hair to lose its style. This is especially important if you’re not taking pictures right away.

Professionals Know How Makeup Looks in Photos

Some types of makeup may look wonderful in person, but not so great in photos. Skip the glittery, shimmery, glow-inducing makeup. This makeup causes reflections or makes your face appear shiny in pictures. You may need more makeup than usual to stand up to the extra demands of a wedding. You want to come out looking beautiful and not washed out in your wedding photos.

A Professional May Be Able to Achieve the Look You Want Faster

Time is at a premium on the day of a wedding. If you’re not speedy or make lots of mistakes when doing your hair and makeup, hire a professional. However, it can still take two or three hours, depending on how complicated your desired look is. Have a professional complete your look to make the day less stressful. If you create your own wedding day look, get a lot of practice before the big day. Time yourself so you leave plenty of time to get ready before the wedding.

It May Be Cheaper to Do Your Own Wedding Hair and Makeup

If you already own high-quality hair and makeup supplies, getting yourself ready can save you money. If you have to buy makeup lessons or new supplies, you may save money by hiring a professional hair and makeup artist. Ask the salon if they offer a discount if the wedding party gets their hair and makeup done together.

You May Look More Like Your Usual Self If You Do Your Own Wedding Hair and Makeup

Sometimes when you get your hair and makeup done professionally you wind up looking like a different person. You don’t look like your normal self. This can be good or bad, depending on your dreams for your wedding day look. One way to avoid this when hiring a professional is to bring lots of pictures for inspiration and do at least one trial before the wedding. That way, if you don’t like the final look or think it’s too much, you can have them redo it or schedule a trial appointment with a different makeup artist that you could use for your wedding.

Test Out Your Look Ahead of Time

Whether you opt to do your own hair and makeup or hire a professional, test out your wedding look ahead of time. Take pictures in both natural and artificial light. See how long the hair and makeup will hold up during a busy day. Then you can determine if there are any problems you must deal with before the big day. Make sure you check out how the makeup will look at the time of day when the wedding will be.

Consider Friends and Family Members

If you’re determined not to hire a professional to do your wedding hair and makeup, but you’re not able to achieve the look you want yourself, consider asking talented friends or family members if they could give you a hand.

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