Small couples table with 2 chairs, a Mr & Mrs sign, and a large floral centerpiece

Once you decide on a wedding date and a wedding venue, decide whether to rent or buy wedding decor. The decor is essential for turning the venue into your dream wedding location. There are pros and cons to consider with each choice. Read on for more information to help you with your decision.

Renting Can Be Less Expensive

Consider how many guests you plan to invite to your wedding. Imagine buying that many chairs, plates, napkins, glasses, and sets of silverware. You also want tablecloths and centerpieces for each table, which adds more to the cost. This doesn’t even include decorative items for the walls or ceiling of the venue. The caterer or venue may offer these items for rent for less than you could buy them yourself. Check prices though, as sometimes it’s less expensive to buy decor items than to rent them.

Renting Is More Environmentally-Friendly

When considering whether to rent or buy wedding decor, consider whether you would use these items again. If you only need them for the wedding, it’s more environmentally friendly to rent these decor items. You’re not likely to use 100 purple napkins and 20 lilac tablecloths after the wedding. Therefore, people usually rent linens. It makes sense to buy items that you can use after the wedding. For example, you might use a cake stand and cake cutter for birthdays or other special event.

Renting Is Often Easier

When deciding whether to rent or buy wedding decor items, consider how much work each choice involves. If the caterer or venue offers to rent you the items you need at a reasonable price, this makes planning easier. It means you’ll have fewer overall vendors to worry about. You won’t need to source the items and make sure they arrive on time. You also won’t need to handle the setup and take down, and selling or disposing of the items after the wedding.

Renting Saves You Time

Even if it winds up being more expensive to rent wedding decor, renting can save time. If you buy wedding decor, you have to source these items, prepare them, store them, transport them, set them up, and remove them from the venue. You need to deal with these items after the event.

Buying Allows for a More Custom Look

If you’re trying to achieve a custom look, it might not be possible with rented wedding decor. Decide which items you can get by with rental versions. Buy more specialized wedding decor items to complete your desired look or wedding theme. It makes the most sense to buy when you need only a few of a wedding decor item.

Buying Allows for Wedding Keepsakes

Buy wedding decor items that you need in small numbers so you can use them later for keepsakes. Consider this if you have potential uses for the items once the wedding is finished. You might buy frames for table numbers or photos that you can later use around your home.

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