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Once you decide who you want to walk down the aisle with you, you need to deal with choosing bridesmaid dresses. This isn’t always easy, especially if everyone has different styles. Although the bride can choose whatever she wants, it’s nice to give the bridesmaids some input.

Ask Your Bridesmaids About Price

Being a bridesmaid can be very expensive. Since these ladies are supporting you, choose a dress that’s affordable for everyone. If you choose an expensive option, offer to chip in or buy the dress as a gift.

Start Shopping Early

Like a wedding dress, bridesmaids’ dresses take time to arrive after ordering. Any alterations will add to the overall timeframe. Start looking at least 3 to 6 months before the wedding, so everyone has a dress that fits.

Search for Inspiration

Check out bridal magazines, Pinterest, and other sources for inspiration on what types of dresses you like. This will help get you started. It makes it easier to decide which types of stores to shop in when choosing bridesmaid dresses.

Ask Your Bridesmaids for Their Input

These ladies may have some good ideas. Learn what types of styles they’re comfortable wearing to narrow the options. They may offer to research dresses for you to choose from, saving you time and effort. This doesn’t mean you have to go with their favorite choice if you don’t like it.

Consider the Size and Shapes of Your Bridesmaids

Don’t choose a dress that doesn’t flatter your girls, no matter how much you like it. You don’t want them to have to stand in front of a crowd feeling bad about themselves. One option is to give them guidelines for the color, length, and shape of the dress. Let them choose from a few different styles so they can find a dress that makes them feel beautiful.

Think About Skin Tones

Know that some colors will wash out certain people and choose colors that flatter everyone.

Keep the Style of Your Dress in Mind

You also need to take into consideration the style and color of your wedding dress. The bridesmaid dresses shouldn’t clash with your dress. They need to coordinate well. If your dress is simple, the bridesmaid dresses can be fancier. If your dress is flashier, keep their dresses simple and understated.

Don’t Forget About the Weather

If you’re getting married in the winter, make sure that the dresses will be warm enough. You could choose a coverup to go with them. Likewise, don’t choose heavy materials and long sleeves for a summer wedding. Choose a dress made from a fabric that’s comfortable in the weather predicted for your wedding day.

Keep the Time of Day and Location in Mind

Some colors or styles are more formal and appropriate for evening weddings. Others may be better for afternoon weddings. Likewise, less formal, breezier styles are common for beach weddings where more formal dresses may look out of place.

Think About Lingerie Needs

Certain styles of dresses will need special undergarments for them to be flattering. This adds to the overall costs of the bridesmaids. Make sure everyone has the appropriate items to wear under the dress before the wedding.

Remember, The Dresses Don’t Need to Be Identical

The ladies can choose dresses out of the same material but in different styles, or even different colors. They might each wear a different shade of the same color. You can let bridesmaids choose dresses with the same material and style but in different colors for a rainbow effect. Brides even allow their bridesmaids to choose dresses of different lengths or even different patterns and textures sometimes.

Consider Rentals

Some bridesmaids are on a tight budget or don’t want to buy a dress they won’t wear again. Let them rent their dresses from Rent the Runway or a similar website.

Have Everyone Try the Dress on Before Making a Final Decision

Everyone should try on the top choices to see which one flatters everyone the best. Dresses look different in pictures and on hangers than on people.

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