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The best man or woman and the maid/man of honor give toasts at the wedding reception. Sometimes the parents of the couple or the couple themselves give toasts. As people often dread public speaking and don’t know what to say, this can be problematic. However, the following tips should make coming up with a wonderful wedding toast easier.

Keep It Short

Nobody wants to listen to long-winded speeches at the wedding reception. They want to eat, socialize, and enjoy themselves. So don’t monopolize their attention for too long. Limit your wedding toast to only 5 minutes. Start with getting their attention and introducing yourself. Talk about the couple and how perfect they are for each other. End with good wishes for their future and the usual “To the happy couple!” The other guests will thank you for being brief.

Keep It Sweet

Avoid any embarrassing moments and anything that isn’t proper in the presence of grandparents or small children. Don’t talk about yourself or the exes of the newly married couple during your speech. Say nice things about the couple that will make them happy to have chosen you to give a toast. It’s best when memories are about the couple, instead of just one or the other. Don’t use any inside jokes others in the audience wouldn’t understand. Avoid putting down either person even in a jest to avoid hard feelings.

Be Prepared

Write your wedding toast ahead of time and practice it. You may even want to record yourself and watch the speech to see how it comes across. You don’t want to look or sound awkward, and you don’t want to talk too fast. Wait until after the speech to drink to make sure you won’t embarrass yourself or anyone else. If you’re having trouble getting started, consider beginning the speech with a suitable quote.

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