Wedding cake decorated with a dinosaur cake topper and greenery decorations sitting on a table decorated with more greenery

These days, weddings are becoming more and more personalized. One way to make your wedding more personal is to choose a wedding theme instead of just wedding colors. However, you don’t want to go too overboard with your theme. You don’t want to feel embarrassed when you revisit your wedding pictures. Here are some tips for incorporating a wedding theme without overdoing it.

Keep It Seasonal

When you’re incorporating a wedding theme, only use items that are seasonally appropriate. You don’t want a theme that requires winter decorations if you’re getting married in the summer. Choose a theme that fits with your wedding date.

Don’t Add Extra Items Just Because They Fit the Theme

Don’t fill up your reception with random stuff just because it’s related to your theme. Stick to the items you need for the venue. These items include invitations, food, cake, music,  centerpieces,  favors, and escort cards. There’s no need to make the theme-related details extremely obvious. The details can be subtle. Everything used throughout the wedding and reception need not relate to the theme.

Likewise, Don’t Make Every Item Theme-Related

Less is sometimes more. You don’t want to wear costumes and have every item at the wedding very theme-related. It could appear overdone. Include a slight nod to the theme in the invitation. Use a theme-related item in the centerpieces and choose theme-related favors and a theme-related cake topper. This can be enough. However, it’s possible to use more theme-related items and have it still be tasteful.

Be Careful When Purchasing Items Online

You want only high-quality items used in your wedding. Sometimes things look better online than they do in person. Use only items from well-rated suppliers. Order a sample item before ordering a large quantity so you can verify the quality.

Incorporating a Wedding Theme Into the Food

Research what foods and beverages might suit the theme. For a book-related theme, what did people eat in the story? Perhaps a certain location applies to your theme, so consider foods often served in that location. It’s sometimes easy to come up with themed drinks to serve. The food need not be theme-related. However, it can be a fun and subtle way of incorporating a wedding theme more thoroughly.

Don’t Forget the Wedding Cake

There are all sorts of ways of incorporating the wedding theme into the wedding cake. Use a theme-related cake topper or make a theme-related wedding cake. Check out the wedding theme pins on our Pinterest page for ideas.

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