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One of the latest trends in wedding planning is personalization. Couples don’t want their wedding to be a copy of all the other weddings they’ve attended. Here are some tips for personalizing your wedding. You can make it more of a reflection of you and your future spouse as a couple. Remember that not everything has to be theme-related. Choose the options that work best for you.

Pick a Theme

The easiest method for personalizing your wedding is picking a theme based on the things you love. If you’re both fans of the same thing, such as sports, books, board games, or comic books, it’s easier. But you can also do combo themes or even dueling themes. Ask people to choose where to sit based on which of the couple’s choices they prefer. (Lord of the Rings vs Game of Thrones, anyone?). A theme makes it easier to create all the personal touches throughout the wedding.

Start Personalizing Your Wedding With the Invites

Don’t choose your wedding stationery because it’s pretty and fits within your budget. Make sure it has a personal touch. This is one of those times when a theme helps. You can search for the theme and get some ideas for personalizing your wedding.

Make a Personalized Stamp

These days, you can create a personalized stamp to mail out any wedding-related items. Use them on save-the-date cards, invitations, and thank-you cards.

Consider Including Pets

Some couples personalize their weddings by including well-behaved pets as ring bearers or as greeters at the reception. People consider pets family members. Why not let them in on the wedding fun as long as they won’t cause problems?

Write Your Own Vows

Instead of reciting the standard vows, write your own. Make sure you’ve got the right sound equipment at the wedding so everyone will hear them.

Incorporate Favorite Quotes

If you’ve got a favorite quote, incorporate it. Some people use banners with quotes for backdrops. Other people include a quote in their vows or even pipe it onto the cake. This provides another way of personalizing your wedding.

Choose Meaningful Flowers

If you’ve got a favorite flower, include that in the wedding flowers. Also, check into the meanings of different flowers. Choose ones with suitable meanings if you use flowers for personalizing your wedding.

Make Use of Personalized Drinks

There are two options here. First, offer signature drinks at the reception. Create these for the wedding or use your beverage of choice. Another option is to make a special personalized wine or beer to use as a wedding beverage or a wedding favor. If nothing else, make custom drink labels to go over those on bottles you’re giving as wedding favors.

Choose Favorite Foods for the Reception

Have a few favorite foods that you love? Make them part of your reception menu! The menu doesn’t need to be fancy, just delicious. People will remember the food at the wedding if it’s particularly good or particularly bad. Perhaps if you have a favorite food truck, you can have them stop by the reception for a late-night snack.

Play Your Favorite Games

Rent oversize versions of your favorite yard games for people to play at outdoor receptions. Or, for people who don’t enjoy dancing, put a few favorite board games out to play. This works well if you’re known for loving these games and playing them often.

Choose a Non-Traditional Guest Book

You need not use a book as a guest book. Ask people to sign a special piece of artwork (or the surrounding mat) to hang in your home. Or, ask them to sign something hobby-related. Perhaps use a guitar for a guitar-playing couple or a surfboard for one who loves to surf. Maybe use a bench to go out in the yard under your favorite tree.

Order a Customized Cake Topper or Cake

You can order cake toppers made to look like the couple. These can even include special touches. For example, include items related to your favorite hobbies or one of your fur babies. You can also choose your favorite flavors for the cake and decorate it to suit your theme.

Consider an Alternative Wedding Cake

Not everyone loves cake. If you aren’t a huge fan, consider using your favorite dessert as a wedding cake alternative. People use everything from pies to cookies to ice cream cones depending on their tastes. Got a few different favorites? Then serve a dessert bar to give your guests a few options.

Get Creative With Table Names

Choose a topic for table names that is personal. This could be anything. Consider favorite places, places you’ve been together, and places you want to go. Use favorite books, favorite movies, or favorite songs. Some people use numbers, but personalize centerpieces in other ways. Include pictures of yourselves at the same age as the table number to personalize the wedding.

Create Your Own Playlist (or Make a Mix as a Wedding Favor)

Include the right songs for each part of the reception. Put less danceable tunes during dinner. Make sure that none of the songs feature inappropriate themes or words. These might be unsuitable for older guests or kids attending the wedding.

Leave Personalized Notes

Some couples leave personal notes. Write them on the bottom of your intended’s shoes. Sew them on a tag in the suit jacket of the groom or father of the bride. Some couples even set notes at the place of each wedding guest.

Have Fun With Photos

Create a slideshow made up of pictures showing the highlights of your lives or your time as a couple. Project them on the wall at the reception for people to enjoy. Another option is a photo wall or photo display. You could even hang photos of the happy couple at various ages on the ends of the aisles.

Buy Custom Wedding Rings

You can get rings engraved with a message or with your spouse’s thumbprint inside. There’s even at least one place that lets you make your own.

Create a Wedding Hashtag

Make it easier to find images from your wedding posted on social media by creating a unique hashtag for the wedding. That is unless you opt for an unplugged wedding and reception.

Make Wedding Favors

If you’re crafty or good at baking, consider making your own wedding favors. This can take quite some time, however. It may be best for smaller weddings. Edible wedding favors are popular these days.

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