16th birthday party at The 228 with a table with a black tablecloth covered in treats and decorations with a cake with a 16 on top

While every birthday is important to the person celebrating it, people often celebrate certain birthdays with a major party. These milestone birthday parties are common when people turn 16 or 21 or hit a new decade of life. Whether you’re planning a party for someone turning 40, 60, or even 100, make it extra special.

Consider Choosing a Hobby-Related Theme

A theme helps to bring the whole party together. It also gives guests an idea of the gifts the guest of honor might enjoy. Sometimes, the theme can even determine the venue. Choose a venue where people practice their favorite hobby. Consider a roller rink for a rollerskating fan or a brewery for someone who loves trying craft beers.

Opt for a Time-Related Theme

Have a 60s party for someone turning 60 or a 20s party for someone born in the 20s. Then use the theme to determine the entertainment, food, and dress code.

Celebrate Accomplishments

As people get older, they may feel a bit down thinking of how much of their life has passed. They may be sad about the things they haven’t done. Keep things positive and celebrate the things they’ve done so far. Consider a photo display of memorable occasions throughout the person’s life so far. You could even turn it into a timeline. Include memorable events around the world that happened at different ages.

Giving Gift Ideas

If people want to bring a gift, those planning milestone birthday parties sometimes suggest bringing something theme-related. This might even be a gag gift. As an alternative, suggest they bring the same number of something as the age the person is turning. For example, bring 50 sticks of gum for someone turning 50 years old.

Keep the Cards Coming

When planning milestone birthday parties, something as simple as a card can make a big difference. Ask enough friends and family members to send cards so the person gets the same number as their age. This will give the person something to be excited about when the mail comes.

Make It a Charitable Occasion

Some people take advantage of their birthdays to raise money for charity. Ask friends and family members to give a small donation to your favorite charity in honor of your birthday.

Check Off Something on Their Bucket List

If the guest of honor has a bucket list, see if there’s something you could do during the party. It might mean going to a certain location or doing a certain activity.

Record Milestone Birthday Parties For Posterity

Create a record of the celebration for the guest of honor. You can make a scrapbook, memory book, or video. Take plenty of pictures and have everyone sign the book or write a message. Include copies of any speeches, invitations, and party-related memorabilia. Friends and family members can contribute their favorite memories to the memory book or video.

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