A burgundy wedding invitation with a bow tied around it.


Updated February 6, 2023

These days, wedding invitations can be anything but boring. Check out the latest wedding invitation trends for inspiration.

*Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

Weddings produce a lot of waste and can be bad for the environment. Many couples are trying to hold more eco-friendly weddings, including choosing environmentally-friendly invitations. This could mean using recycled paper, using a company that makes the environment a priority, or even using online invitations.

*Invitations Including Cultural Details

Couples want to make everything more personal, including their wedding invitations. This could mean including multiple languages on the invite or using colors, wording, or designs from a particular culture.

*Acrylic and Other See-Through Wedding Invitations

Another wedding invitation trend is having see-through invitations. Some couples make acrylic invitations for this purpose. Another option is to use a vellum for the invitation or an overlay. 

*Bold Colors and Maximalistic Wedding Invitations

For color, couples go both ways. Some opt for multiple bold colors. Others opt for a more monochromatic design with linework in just one color. Trendy colors include hot pink, red, rust, avocado green, ginger, papaya, and orange. Including multiple patterns and accents and oversized text can make invitations even more maximalist. Geometric designs, abstract designs, and 70s designs are expected to be popular as well.

*Pastel and Neutral Wedding Invitations

While some couples use bold colors and designs on their invitations, others choose more subtle colors. These include pastels, like Pantone’s color of the year Digital Lavender, as well as more classic neutrals.

*Different Shapes for Wedding Invitations

Expect to see more invitations that don’t fit the typical rectangular card profile. Perhaps arched tops or triangular or circular invitations. Just keep in mind that if envelopes are not standard sizes it can increase the postage.

*Tactile Details on Wedding Invitations

Recent wedding invitation trends include having some tactile details, especially if the invitation is otherwise minimalistic. This could mean adding some fabric or using paper with a little texture. 

*More Fun and Informal Wedding Invitations

People are forgoing the more traditional formality of wedding invitations. Many invitations are more casual now, both in style and wording. They may exhibit a sense of humor in their invitation wording. Couples are also more likely to move away from formal addressing conventions. This means more options for titles are available and the invitations may be addressed in a more inclusive way using multiple last names instead of just “Mr. and Mrs. So-And-So.” It also can mean collecting RSVPs digitally instead of through enclosure cards.

*Envelopes with a Little Extra Style

Adding extra details to envelopes, such as custom linings, make the wedding stationery stand out a bit. Other ways to dress up envelopes include using colored envelopes or a special seal to close the envelope. Just be aware envelopes with wax seals can’t go through postal sorting machines and will cost extra to mail.

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